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Culture Laser podcast: The Story Of Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday is an American holiday that occurs on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year. I made "The Story Of Fashion Friday" for Ryan Van Winkle's "Culture Laser" to explain how me and my friends went to The Malls and created our own holiday out Black Friday.

Pitchfork "Big Boi: West Palm Beach"

When Pitchfork needed someone to animate the on-tour tales stars of popular music jams had to tell, they got Dan Meth to bring them to life. And I got to sound design that color into that life. Here's Big Boi of Outkast talking war stories:

Backstreet Warlocks

Here is an imagined vision of an alternate, dark universe. One where the Backstreet Boys are not a boy band but wizards doomed to a barren hellscape.

Voiced and created by Dan Meth, Matt Kaukeinen, and Rob Corradetti, sound design by me.


Comedy Central's animated series "Ugly Americans" is created by Devin Clark and grew out of a series of shorts he did for Comedy Central's website called "5 On". I worked on them with Devin in recording and sound designing. 5 On was a man-on-the-street, talk-of-the-town program interviewing 5 somethings (zombies, aliens...) on current events. The shorts were written and voiced in part by comedians Pete Holmes, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll. Here's a few of the originals.

5ON - Episode 2: Robots on Immigration from Devin Clark on Vimeo.

5ON - Episode 3: Demons on the Environment from Devin Clark on Vimeo.


W222's flagship news/talk/intensity program is Nite Fite. Co-created by Dan Meth and myself, also playing the hosts Penalty and Lloyd, hot button topics are debated into absurdity.


The next short film in Elliot Cowan's Boxhead And Roundhead series is a dark and mysterious adventure for the fellows and I am proud to help cloud it up with my sound design contributions. The film recently won a Golden Pencil Award at the prestigious 2D Or Not 2D Festival in Seattle, Washington. Here's a clip:


Another chapter in the Dan Meth animation domination that I got to contribute to is "Special Features," a series of cartoons for Comedy Central's website (formerly Atom.com). The first episode is a re-imagining of the 2009 Star Trek prequel, but as an 80's/90's teen movie. Aside from the sound design, that's me as Bones and a bullying Klingon.


Yes, Playboy is also trying to get in on internet comedy cartoons with their Play-Mation Nation site. Dan Meth's "Big Apple Fornicators" did give me the chance to create the sound of mutant male genitalia, an opportunity I will likely not repeat. And if that's not disturbing enough, how about a computer store clerk who is also an unlikely authority on sex?

Phillip from Dan Meth on Vimeo.


Here's a few of Dan Meth's cartoons for College Humor. First is the "Anatomically Correct Slow Jam," a clinically sensual quiet storm track, I got to record the song, voiced by talented Vincent:

This one is an episode of the College Humor staff's around-the-office series "Hardly Working." And Dan gave me a nice pile of sound effect fun to deal with on this one:


I've had the great pleasure of being the secret sound design weapon on many of the Meth Minute cartoons. They won a Streamy Award for "Best Animation In A Web Series." Here is a selection of my favorites:
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